Sunday, March 26, 2023

American Gambling Industry Record Breaking Start

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Never in the history of the American gambling industry has a year started so strong! Betting in America is raking in record revenues, and it’s not just Las Vegas that’s contributing to the numbers! Huge profits are rolling in from casinos in Atlantic City, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York and more! And the outlook for continued growth is positive… barring any global catastrophes!

Hello friends, and thank you for joining me on This Week in Gambling, the show responsible for the collapse of the Berlin Wall… and speaking of things breaking out, as the American gambling industry is off to its best start ever! Sports betting is expanding! Online gambling is expanding! And the pandemic is almost over! Added together that comes to $4.4 billion! That’s how much revenue the US gambling industry took in just in the month of January, and it was the 11th consecutive month that the gambling industry in America took in over $4 billion.

That $4.4 billion was 20% higher than January of 2020, and 30% higher than January of last year. Plus, January of this year also marked the 11th straight month for casinos in Nevada taking in over a billion dollars in gaming revenue! A streak that doesn’t look to end anytime soon… unless of course there’s another pandemic… or World War 3 breaks out. But it hasn’t just been Las Vegas pushing this strong start for the American gambling industry this year. Casinos in New Jersey are also up nearly 30%, with Atlantic City gambling bringing in nearly $400 million dollars all by themselves… mostly due to returning foot traffic and the continued success of online gambling.

Other states have been posting records, too! States like Michigan and Pennsylvania… and of course New York, where those crazy players have already bet $3.5 billion on sporting events this year, earning the state a cool quarter million dollars in tax revenue. And considering what New York sports betting has done for the American gambling industry, they could do the same for online gambling in the country as well. As we discussed on a recent show, the state is now considering the regulation of online casino games. And if successful it could start a landslide of other states following their lead.

In fact, a new study expects online gambling in America to do just that! Continue to grow and expand to $2.2 billion by the year 2026… or, just 30 short years after our friends in Europe started playing. Hey, remember when the US government thought that all online gambling was evil and funded terrorism? Yeah… good times. This week’s game review is for the Fruity Gold 81 online slot from our friends at Synot Games. This is a spin-off game from the original Fruity Gold slot and comes with four reels, wilds multipliers, a mystery bonus, and of course 81 paylines! You can find this review, along with hundreds more for both online and land-based slot machines, when you visit our YouTube channel.


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