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Another One! Villarreal Snags Main Event Seat on ClubGG in Back-to-Back Years

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Jaret Villarreal ClubGG Qualifier

Last year, ClubGG showed the poker world that the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event isn’t as off-limits as previously thought.

One player who qualified to the Main Event for just $50 was Vasu Amarapu. He finished 13th for $470,000, something he called “the best thing that’s happened” in his life.

Another player who qualified was Jaret Villarreal who unbelievably has now qualified again to the WSOP Main Event through ClubGG. Villarreal told PokerNews at the time that he was inspired by Daniel Negreanu, and said that he was looking forward to immersing himself in the WSOP experience.

Second Time Lucky?

On his first trip to Las Vegas, Villarreal said that getting to experience the WSOP was fantastic, and got to play in several events prior to the Main Event. In addition, he enjoyed the ClubGG qualifier experience, and got to meet some great people.

Unfortunately, his Main Event didn’t go as planned.

“Don’t call a five-bet all-in for 75 big blinds with {a-}{k-} for your tournament life,” he told PokerNews. “Especially against a good, tight and fundamentally sound opponent!

“I don’t think I’ll be making that mistake again!”

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ClubGG’s Expanded Platform

Villarreal says that ClubGG has grown in popularity since the 2021 WSOP satellites that he found success in.

“They’ve expanded the platform and are sponsoring many other events worldwide. I’ve been able to secure RGPS, MSPT, and other WSOP seats on top of the Main Event, which I would have never thought was a possibility for just $50.”

The popularity has meant that satelliting into the WSOP Main Event has become a lot more tricky.

“My seat last year was won fighting for 3 seats with 335 players. This year was for 5 seats amidst 586 players!”

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Main Event Tactics

To prepare for 2022, Villarreal says that he’s been focusing on analyzing the behaviour of his opponents to ensure that he can make a deep run.

“It’s enabled me to exploit certain key spots and get results in these satellite events. I’ll be looking to apply this knowledge in Vegas for sure.”

ClubGG a “No-Brainer”

With his Main Event seat locked up, Villarreal says that playing on ClubGG is a no-brainer.

“For anyone looking to gain experience as a poker player with a large upside (and relatively small downside in cost), it’s a no-brainer.

“As previously mentioned, there are many other events up for grabs, and the player fields are extremely manageable in general – many times less than 100 players. Put in the time, and you’ll be rewarded.”

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