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Avalanche Is The Killer App For NFT Games And Here’s Why: John Wu

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Avalanche is the killer app for NFT games since it allows creators for more flexibility and can insulate them from the wider network issues, according to the Ava Labs president John Wu so let’s read more today in our latest cryptocurrency news.

Wu believes that Avalanche is the killer app for NFT games while most of the current NFT market now lives on Ethereum and the sidechains as well as scaling solutions, a slight chunk also on Solana but in the recent months, there were plenty of developers building on Avalanche. Over the past 30 days, the Avalanche play to earn game Crabada overtook the struggling ETH-based Axie Infinity in terms of trading volume and racked up $225 million worth to date which made it the highest-grossing NFT project on Avalanche.

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The game will also build on the platform while the social game Highrise will launch on the Web3 metaverse also on Avalanche. Other notable projects include CAstle Crush and Ragnarok. A subnet on Avalanche acts as a seaprate instance of the platform that is designed for a certain decentralized app or a game that works like a white-label solution for the custom blockchain but it is still part of Avalanche. It inherits the security from Avalanche but acts as a dedicated space that is nto affected b the wider network. If another app or game is bogging down the entire main network, it will not kill the game performance if it’s run on a subnet. The popular game on a subnet also doesn’t have to take resources from other Avalanche services which is what makes this a preferred choice for gamers. Wu added:

“Gaming projects in subnets are about to explode. Games in general, especially GameFi games—there are a gazillion transaction. So those transactions eat up the chain’s capacity, in some sense. If someone else is doing something, it won’t affect your speed or timing in your subnet.”

Subnets are designed to benefit from the consensus mechanism and the security of Avalanche while insulating developers from potential network strain. The blockchain platforms can get bogged down and even crash like the ones on Solana but Ava Labs sees the subnets as an ideal solution:

“It’s almost like your own chain—it is your own chain, basically. And it’s great for developers, not only because of the speed of the transactions … but basically they’re able to worry about what they want to do, which is to create great gameplay, instead of the underlying infrastructure substrate they have to worry about or worry about security.”

john wu
John Wu

Wu also suggested that most people are not considering the potential of the business models yet via NFT assets while artists decided to cut the middlemen out of the secondary market sales or maintain a direct connection to the fans:

“I just feel like people don’t really think digital collectibles are a thing. They just think of it as, like, ‘Well, I can just copy that in a GIF and show it, so any digital collectible is just nonsense.’ And I think that’s probably why they hate it.”

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