Thursday, September 21, 2023

Axie Infinity Discord Server Suffers Another Attack

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The Axie Infinity discord server suffers another attack leading to the compromise of its MEE6 bot, however, the developers managed to delete the fake message and remove the bot from the main server so let’s read more today in our latest cryptocurrency news.

The Axie Infinity discord server faced another attack which led to a compromise of its MEE6 Bot. The bot is quite a popular one used for automating roles and messages and it is used by plenty of crypto projects. The attackers used the bot to add permissions to a fake Jiho account and issue a fake announcement regarding a mint. The developers managed to remove the bot from the main server and deleted the fake messages as well but the official Twitter account of the project and most users still see the fake message until they restart Discord.

The developers claimed that the compromise of MEE6 is not a new phenomenon and most projects faced similar issues. The official MEE6 Discord support channel denied the allegations of the hack and claimed they verified the engineers and didn’t see unusual activity. Most think that the hackers compromised the admin accounts and then managed to get access to the admin account using MEE6 which helped them to send out webbook messages while hiding the administrator account. The Discord bot compromise came in a month after one of the biggest attacks on the Ronin bridge which resulted in a loss of over $600 million worth of crypto assets. The slew of security breaches brought down the confidence among the community which was seen as a revolutionary project for the gaming world.

The currency was going down since the market got saturated by players rushing to the game and the SLPs are now worth noting and will not round up to a penny even. The Axie Ifnintiy game developer Lars Doucet added that Axie Infinity’s SLP token is down to $0.004 which will give a rough estimate of $0.00. The platform was a pioneer in trading NFT games and being the frontrunner, it is the first game to reach the saturation level on the market.

MEE6 Official Discord Channel Message

In the game, the players are training and breeding these axies so they get to earn SLPs when playing the game. The value of the Axie SLP hit $0.35 in 2021 and was crashing down ever since. The decline of Smooth Love Potion showed the challenges related to P2E NFT gaming so the players will have to find other ways to earn tokens with mechanics in place to boost the value.

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