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Blockchain Can Become The Future Of Hollywood: WarnerMedia CEO

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Blockchain can become the future of Hollywood according to o WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar and they can do so the same way as the DVD did in the 90s so let’s read more in our latest blockchain news.

The Chief Executive Officer of WarnerMedia Jason Kilar prepares to leave the company and argued that the future of Hollywood is in blockchain technology. The backbone of the crypto industry has to be present in new forms of financing. The crypto sector and blockchain technology are also settling for a new American businessman recently, Jason Kilar. The current CEO of WarnerMedia said that Blockchain can become the future of Hollywood and can transform the entertainment industry but also expects the process of acquiring NFTs to become much simpler. Kilar compared the blockchain progress and its potential to reach Hollywood to the DVD wave in the 90s:

“I think that’s going to be a potential wave that’s going to be coming to Hollywood, in the same way that the DVD wave came to Hollywood in the 90s. Obviously, that changed the economic fortunes of a lot of these companies.”

jason kilar
Jason Kilar

The American has a long track record of working with digital technology and pushing for faster acceleration. He also served s an executive for Amazon from 1997 to 2006 and in 2007 helped found the company Hulu and became its CEO. In May 2020, Kilar was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of Warner Media and the film industry was affected by the closed theaters and surged online competition because of the COVID pandemic. He announced he will step down from the CEO role in the face of WarnerMedia and Discovery Inc.

Another member of the Hollywood movie industry who displayed a pro-crypto stance is Adrian Grenier. He argued that digital assets can fix a lot of the systems which are broken and are wasteful in the industries. He opposed the critics of BTC mining saying that crypto is just a thing that uses energy and the asset class can transform most sectors into being more efficient. Last year, Grenier predicted that BTC could replace fiat like the US dollar:

“You are going to see the adoption rate increase exponentially over time, but you’re also seeing bitcoin as future dollars.”

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