Monday, November 28, 2022

England Premier League Filed For Crypto, NFT Trademarks

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The England Premier League filed for crypto and NFT trademarks and the filings hint at expanded digital markets for the top tier of the football pyramid so let’s read more today in our latest cryptocurrency news.

The England Premier League filed two crypto and NFT trademarks in the US as a sign the world’s most-watched sports league is preparing to expand the brand into the digital scene. The trademarks were filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office a week ago and brought to light by the licensed trademark attorney Michael Kondoudis. The Premier League is the top level of professional English Football which comprises 20 teams.

The two filings pertain to the US use of trademarks that are associated with the league and oen centered ont the league’s name and logo with the lion wearing a crown in three-quarter view as well as the other regarding a loving cup trophy with lions on each handle and a crown on top. The trademark filings are quite expensive and cover the creation and sale of the digital assets, crypto, and media files verified by the NFT. They include the use of the Premier League trademarks in virtual augmented and mixed reality software.

The NFT is a digital asset that represents the ownership of media and digital illustrations, profile pictures, or music. They are minted on the public blockchain like Solana, and Ethereum, and every token is unique. The market for NFTs grew in the past few years as more companies cashed their hats into the ring. One of the most notable projects in the sports world was NBA Top shot launched in 2020 and the collection surpassed over $1 billion in sales. While the demand for crypto and NFT cooled off, the sales are still on pace to surpass $20 billion in volume.

The application of digital currencies is becoming quite common in the sports world, especially among football clubs. Arsenal announced a new partnership with Unagi and the game will allow users to keep playing cards as collectibles and sell them on the open market.

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As recently reported, Football, on the other hand, is one of the most popular sports with a global appeal – and the English Premier League is one of the targets for crypto companies. According to statistics, the Premier League is broadcast in 212 countries, reaching a potential audience of 4.7 billion people.

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