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Festivals that the pandemic has paused

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For more than a year and a half, the entire world population has been appalled. Since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, all plans, projects and trips have had to be postponed. Until when? – it is unknown.

The total number of deaths by covid-19 in the world has already passed 4.5 million, transforming the routines, attitudes and behaviour of the entire world population. The coronavirus, without doubt, represents a breakthrough for most people.

The virus is causing a new lifestyle to begin. Since 2019, when it all started, there have been many phases in the different countries all over the world. At first, people and leaders disbelieved the gravity of it. Next, a public alert was issued, supermarket stocks were emptied, and people began to be led to believe that this was definitely not a “simple influenza”, as many chiefs of state referred to.

After that, containment measures would be adopted, such as quarantine, the perimeter enclosures and the much talked about social distancing. Being with loved ones, friends, or even work colleagues, became a distant memory, difficult to return outside New Zealand. Not to mention leisure and social life, the plans gradually dissolved into thin air…

The artistic programme was far from being retaken and concerts, theatres, cinemas, and the like were already closing down. Even more so the festivals, which could bring together a multitude of people, everything that was already being warned by world health organizations to be avoided, or better said, that they would have to be stopped immediately.

With the progress of the world vaccination agenda, hope has gradually returned, concerts are beginning to be re-started little by little with a series of safety and hygiene measures, cinemas are also opening up and festivals are already on the agenda to be re-launched in 2022. So Skokka along with the prettiest bangalore escorts will be reviewing some of the most famous festivals around the world for us to remember.


On 17 March, the Irish celebrate St Patrick’s Day, the main patron saint of Ireland. The party begins with a parade, then continues in the famous Irish pubs, with lots of music and alcohol, becoming one of the most celebrated traditions in the country. The streets are packed with locals and tourists accompanied by glasgow escorts, who dress in green, white and orange (colours of the country’s flag) to avoid being pinched by a Leprechaun (popular legend).


The Brazilian Carnival is a celebration known around the world, held on a moving date between the months of February and March each year. The party brings together thousands of local revellers, and tourists from around the world who come to enjoy one of the biggest parties on the planet.

Carnival is celebrated all over Brazil, but in different ways. It can be said that the three main focuses of the celebration are:

Rio de Janeiro with its street parties and the glorious parade of samba schools.

In Bahia, for example, with the famous “electric trio”, a popular kind of sound truck where renowned local singers make their appearances. And Recife, where the frevo and maracatu rhythms play a dominant role during the celebration.


Mexicans have been celebrating the Day of the Dead with a great festival for over three thousand years, lasting three days (from 31/10 to 02/11) they celebrate with offerings, food and symbols of death and rebirth, being inscribed on the UNESCO list of Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

According to local folklore, the dead have God’s permission to visit relatives and friends on these days, and for this reason, everyone dresses up as skulls and walks out into the streets, brimming with music and goodies.


Holi is a hugely popular festival of ancient India, also known as the “Festival of Love”, the “Festival of Colours” and the “Spring Festival”, and is a celebration of the everlasting and divine love of Radha Krishna (female and male form of god).

Light, colours, music and flowers toast this festival, which at least once in a lifetime everyone should have the chance to experience. The Holi festival is celebrated with ritual and tradition, commemorating the arrival of spring between February and March. The event lasts two days and brings together locals and tourists from all over the world who want to see this lively mix of colour and joy.

Festivals are a great way to meet new cultures, live interesting experiences and create friendships, so whenever possible, don’t miss the opportunity to take part in one of them, as they are not only remarkable events, but also highly enjoyable and worthwhile.

Getting to know a country, its people, celebrating with them, and even enjoying the company of melbourne escorts can be a lifelong motive of celebration.

It will take time. Some events will have to serve as experimental pilot and, if it works well and the necessary enthusiasm is built up, the same fervour for festivals is likely to be seen in the near future as in an earlier period.

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