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Godofbaccarat Goes Post to Post in the GGPoker Super MILLION$

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GGPoker Super MILLION$

Canada’s “Godofbaccarat” is the latest high-stakes poker tournament player to take down the GGPoker Super MILLION$. This week’s Super MILLIONS came with a $454,907 top prize, and Godofbaccarat sat down at the final table as the chip leader and lead almost all the way right through to becoming the tournament’s champion.

Super MILLION$ Season 2 Episode 39 Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Godofbaccarat Canada $454,907
2 rivfun4me Macau $350,781
3 Weiran Pu China $270,489
4 Biao “d7777” Ding China $208,576
5 Rodrigo Selouan Brazil $160,834
6 Wiktor Malinowski Macau $124,020
7 Felipe Ramos Brazil $95,632
8 IslandBoys Montenegro $73,742
9 Dario Sammartino Austria $56,863

Dario Sammartino was the first of the nine finalists heading for the exits. The Italian superstar lost all but three big blinds when he flopped two pair with ace-queen but lost to Weiran Pu’s Broadway straight, which he hit on the river. Sammartino’s tiny stack went in with pocket sixes and he lost to the ace-king of “rivfun4me.”

Montenegro’s “IslandBoys” lasted a little longer than Sammartino but ultimately fell in eighth place. Godofbaccarat raised to 217,600 in early position during the 40,000/80,000/10,000a level, Wiktor Malinowski flat-called from the next seat along, only for IslandBoys to jam from the small blind for 2,080,022 in total. Godofbaccarat re-shoved for more than 6.3 million, and Malinwoski snap-called all-in for a shade under 2.1 million chips. It was ace-king for IslandBoys, pocket jacks for Godofbaccarat but a pair of aces in the hole for Malinowski! The aces improved to a set, and IslandBoys bowed out.

GGPoker content creator Felipe Ramos was the next player heading for the showers. The Brazilian was down to ten big blinds on the button, and he committed those with pocket threes. rivfun4me called from the big blind with ace-queen, and it as off to the races. rivfun4me turned a Broadway straight, and Ramos was gone.

Wiktor Malinowski
Wiktor Malinowski

Sixth-place and the first six-figure score, $124,020, went to Malinowski despite the Polish star holding the chip lead at the start of six-handed play. Malinowski always play to win and the aggression needed to become the victor sometimes results in his stack wildly fluctuating. He was back down to ten big blinds when he open-shoved from under the gun with king-jack offsuit, and Pu re-shoved on the button with the dominating ace-jack. A queen-high board sent the dangerous Malinowski to the rail.

Rodrigo Selouan lasted one hand more than Malinowski because he got a little too frisky with a suited ace. Selouan min-raised to 280,000 under the gun with ace-six of clubs, rivfun4me three-bet to 630,000 from the button with pocket jacks before calling the 3,378,976 shove from his Brazilian opponent. The jacks held and Selouan crashed out in fifth place for $160,834.

Godofbaccarat claimed the tournament life of Biao “d7777” Ding during the 80,000/160,000/20,000a level. They opened to 480,000 on the button and quickly caled when Ding three-bet shoved for 1,871,600 in total. It was a suited ace-eight for Ding and pocket tens in the hole for Godofbaccarat. Ding hit his ace on the river but it was too late because Godofbaccarat turned a set.

Heads-up was set on the very next. Pu ripped in his 2,640,746 chips with pocket sevens, rivfun4me moved all-in over the top for 9,642,518 with a pair of nines, and Godofbaccarat , who had both players covered, mucked ace-king, much to the surprise of Kevin Martin and Dara O’Kearney in the commentary booth. The nines held as the five community cards ran out eight high, GG, Pu.

rivfun4me started heads-up with a slender lead of around ten big blinds but Godofbaccarat won the first one-on-one hand to reclaim the chip lead they started the final table with. The stacks were almost level when the final hand took place. Rivfun4me limped for 200,000 with ace-jack, Godofbaccarat raised to 800,000 with eight-deuce of hearts, and rivfun4me four-bet to 2,470,500. You would think Godofbaccarat’s hand would hit the muck at this point, but you would think wrong because they called. The flop fell seven-queen-ace with two hearts, and Godofbaccarat moved all-in for almost twice the size of the pot, and rivfun4me snap-called! The three of spades on the turn changed nothing but the four of hearts river improved Godofbaccarat to a hand and tournament-winning flush! rivfun4me walked away with $350,781 but Godofbaccarat reeled in a cool $454,907 and the title of Super MILLION$ champion.


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