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Google Filed For Non-Fungible Planet Trademark Application

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Google filed for Non-Fungible planet trademark application which is related to projects about environmental education rather than blockchain and NFTs so let’s read further in today’s cryptocurrency news.

Google field non-fungible planet trademark on Monday, reminiscent of the training NFT sphere in the crypto industry. However, the application seems unrelated to such items and is focused on education about climate change. The filing includes the goal of providing information in areas of environmental protection consideration, energy efficiency, climate change, and reducing carbon footprints as well as other environmental issues.

In terms of the methods, the project will use these entertainment services and will provide non-downloadable playback of curated video playlists with the internet and other communications networks. Something which is fungible can be replaced or interchanged with another identical item so for example, a unit of currency like BTC can be considered fungible since one BTC can replace another. The non-fungible relates to items that cannot be replaced or that are one of a kind and in the crypto space, the NFT tokens are unique digital entities on the blockchain which are often used to represent art or other items.

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Most tech companies moved towards adopting NFTs on the platforms and Twitter also allows for ETH NFTs to be used as profile pictures while facebook confirmed that NFTs will be used in the near term on the platform. Google’s filing makes no mention of these collections but non-fungible relates to the idea that there’s only one planet. Should the term be associated with NFTs by outsiders, it can be a bad PR mistake. NFTs and crypto got a bad rap for contributing to environmental damage in the PoW mining process but most NFT platforms run on a PoS consensus mechanism which is much less energy-intensive and ETH is scheduled to transition to his mechanism this year.

As recently reported, The tech conglomerate that owns Google considers how to apply blockchain to its business as per the CEO Sundar Pichai. Alphabet Inc said it was looking into Web3 and blockchain technology and said it is ready to start embracing cryptocurrency. Google looks to help build on Web3 and it said that they are looking at how it can apply blockchain networks to its business.

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