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Highlights April 22: Cryptos lower, Decred and Tron surge

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The crypto market as a whole was lower with most cryptocurrencies in the red at the time of writing. Decred and Tron are notable exceptions with gains of 8% resp. 17%. 

Top cryptos

Bitcoin lost around 2% of its value and was trading for around $40,700. It’s still in the green if we look at the last seven days. 

Most top 20 coins lost 1-3% today. Polkadot and NEAR Protocol’s NEAR, which has been on a downtrend since yesterday, are both down around 4%. 

Polygon’s MATIC is the only gainer among top cryptos, up 3% in the last 24 h.  

Top movers

Most top 100 coins are also in the red, shedding 2-4% of their value today. Notable exceptions are Tron and Decred. At #22, Tron has been rallying over the past few days. It was up 15% and added another 8% today. 

There are numerous reasons for the upswing. On May 5, Decentralized USD (USDD) will be introduced on the Tron blockchain. This is a fully decentralized stablecoin, which makes finance accessible to all by applying mathematics and algorithms.

The Tron ecosystem recently celebrated one year of stablecoin TUSD’s deployment. Another announcement contributing to the price surge was the official establishment of Tron DAO Reserve.

Decred is the biggest top 100 winner by far with gains of 17%. Today, the official Twitter channel announced the current supply of Decred’s DCR token was approaching 14 million of the 21 million max supply, with a total of approximately 7 million DCR left to mine.

Other coins registering slight gains include Theta Fuel, Loopring, STEPN, Theta Network, and Monero.

Today’s biggest losers are Zilliqa (-11%), Kava and EOS (each -9%), and Audius (-7%). As all of these coins saw recent rallies, it may be time to buy the dip.  

Yesterday, 0x gained almost 50% after announcing a partnership with leading crypto exchange Coinbase to power the latter’s new social NFT marketplace. 0x has lost 16% today, but it’s still up 22% for the week.  


The biggest gainer of the day is MOVE Network’s token MOVD, currently trading for $0.047 and fast approaching $0.10 with price growth of 1,115% in the last 24 hours. 

MOVE Network describes itself as a leading NFT aggregator covering a wide spectrum of NFT products. MOVE Network allows enterprises and start-ups to integrate blockchain technologies to enhance their existing businesses. 

Users can utilize MOVE Network to create, own and trade NFTs across various sectors including entertainment, music, artwork, and esports. 


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