Monday, December 11, 2023

Interstate Poker Compact & New York Online Casinos

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This week’s gambling news is all about Michigan online poker as the state has joined the US Interstate Poker Compact! Plus, an update on what’s happening with New York online casinos and poker! There’s even news on the Mirage Volcano in Las Vegas!

This week’s big story finds that America’s interstate poker network has now grown to four states. About a month ago I told you that Michigan online poker was considering joining the existing Interstate Poker Compact between New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware. And now, that’s exactly what they’ve done! Players in Michigan can now sit down live at the virtual tables and compete against players from these other states… and vice versa, of course. And as I’ve mentioned in previous episodes on poker compacts, this may be just the kick in the pants that even more states need to get off their ass and regulate online poker!

You see, an Interstate Poker Compact means that even the smallest states… with the smallest populations… can now regulate online poker without having to worry that they don’t have enough players to fill the tables. Of course, this news did not help the situation for online casinos in New York at all. Yes, the same state that took forever to regulate mobile and online sports betting is now dragging its feet once again when it comes to online casino games and poker. Lawmakers there could not get a deal done, and now the legislative session is over.

So, I know many of you players out there in New York state will be disappointed by this news, but remember: It took years to get mobile sports betting legislation passed. And hey, perhaps legislators in your state are just trying to work out the math to see if they can tax online casino games or even an Interstate Poker Compact at 50% and get away with it!

This week we have a brand new slot machine to tell you about, as we take a look at Wheel Charred slot, part of the Mega Boost family of games from our friends at AGS!  Along with its companion game, Wheel Charge, they are packaged on the Orion Curve Premium game cabinet!  Both games feature a cash on reel mechanic, along with free games and a wheel bonus!  You can watch our full review of the Wheel Charred slot machine when you visit and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

And finally this week, the Mirage Hotel and Casino is set to be demolished to make way for the new Hard Rock, right in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip! And that means, my friends, the loss of the famous Mirage Volcano… and well, and not everyone is happy about that! In fact, a petition has been started at to save the Volcano, claiming it’s an icon and a Las Vegas landmark! Even though it’s old and has had several facelifts. Basically, the same argument they used to save the career of Wayne Newton.

Original story on Interstate Poker Compact can be found here.


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