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Las Vegas Ranked One of World’s Kinkiest, Most Seductive Cities

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Posted on: April 21, 2022, 09:32h. 

Last updated on: April 21, 2022, 12:03h.

Though the days of Las Vegas being a seedy gambling town are long gone — glitzy, five-star casino resorts today dominate the main drag — there continues to be a substantial underbelly in Southern Nevada for those wishing to escape life’s societal norms. A new study finds that Las Vegas still has plenty to offer for unconventional tastes.

Las Vegas strip club casino sex kinky seductive
A dancer at Treasurers Gentlemen’s Club in Las Vegas attends to a male patron. Las Vegas is the kinkiest, most sensual, and most seductive city in the US so claims a new study. (Image: Treasures Gentlemen’s Club)

The Bottle Club, a UK-based online alcohol-focused lifestyle brand — recently commissioned a study to determine the world’s kinkiest cities.

“Behind the tourist attractions and sights each city has to offer lies a culture of kinks and secret pleasures,” the study explained.

The review formulated its rankings based on the seemingly obscure “number of kinky people” in town, the number of porn stars named after the city, the number of places where sexual fantasies can come true, and the number of “OnlyFans” subscribers in the city. “OnlyFans” is an internet subscription site where users can show XXX content to their paid followers.

The researchers concluded that Las Vegas — while best known for its casino gambling and A-list entertainment and dining — should also be known for its kinkiness. Las Vegas ranked second on the “World’s Kinkiest Cities” list, behind only London.

Kink Score

It should come as little surprise that The Bottle Club study found plenty of places around Las Vegas for a sexual escapade. Sin City oozes kinkiness with an abundance of strip clubs and legal brothels only a little more than an hour’s drive from the Strip casinos.

There’s certainly no shortage of kinky hotspots in this town, and you know what they say, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. It’s called Sin City for a reason,” The Bottle Club report said.

The probe concluded that Las Vegas has “88 sex events on offer at a time,” and a large fetish community numbering more than 42,400 active members, over 6,000 people working on “OnlyFans,” and 38 porn stars who are named after the city.

Las Vegas scored 37.6/40 points on the kinkiness scale. Sin City additionally ranked the second “Most Seductive” and “Most Sensual” city globally. London took the top honors in both categories. 

Along with the number of strip clubs, porn stars named after the city, and “OnlyFans” data, The Bottle Club methodology took into account the number of one-hour hotels and the number of restaurants that sell champagne and oysters.

Sin City Origin

Las Vegas has been informally known as Sin City for decades. It’s a slogan that local tourism officials have long despised, as efforts to transform the destination into a more family-friendly environment have been undertaken.

The Sin City moniker is thought to have originated in the early 1930s when Nevada legalized gambling. Sin City referred to the original two blocks on Fremont Street where casinos, ladies of the night, and liquor were readily available.


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