Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Maryland Online Sports Betting by NFL Season?

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Wagering on sporting events may be legal, but Maryland online sports betting is what residents have really been waiting for. And now, with the help of their Governor, they may get their wish by this fall. Yes, Governor Larry Hogan has actually been pushing a a state committee forward in hopes they could get a mobile sports betting agreement in place before the kickoff of this years NFL season. And as states all around Maryland launch mobile betting, frustrations grow with the Governor and state residents.

Both Virginia and West Virginia, as well as Pennsylvania, have all been able to regulate the activity. But thus far, Maryland online sports betting seems to be mired in what Hogan refers to as “endless bureaucratic roadblocks”.

Now, Hogan is pushing the states Sports Wagering and Application Review Commission to get off their bureaucratic backsides and get things accomplished. In a letter to the Commission, he plainly stated that they have allowed the process to “stagnate” and failed to implement the voters’ decision.

Continuing, the Governor told the Commission that they have “…needlessly delayed the state’s ability to maximize the revenue potential of this emerging industry”. He urged then to develop a firm and transparent timeline so that state residents can see their progress. Additionally, Governor Hogan wants the Committee to prioritize Maryland online sports betting by releasing drafts of the applications and by publishing a draft of regulations.

“Sports fans in Maryland simply want to be able to place bets on their mobile devices”, said the Governor. “…that’s what they voted for, and they are angry and discouraged over (the Committees) inability to make it happen.”




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