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Meta’s Metaverse Came Under Fire From Facebook Whistleblower

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Meta’s Metaverse came under fire from a Facebook whistleblower who uncovered plenty of documents showing how the platform failed to protect its users and is now gunning for the company’s Metaverse plans so let’s read more today In our latest cryptocurrency news.

Former Facebook product manager now whistleblower – Frances Haugen trashed the company last year when she exposed thousand of documents accusing the social media giant of spreading misinformation. The files revealed sensitive content which ranged from human trafficking to nationalist groups gatherings and COVID-19 vaccine misinformation. She said that the time Facebook prioritizes profit over the well-being of its users. Haugen invested in crypto and she had her eyes on the Metaverse after the company rebranded to Meta and aims to pursue virtual world domination plans.

francis haugen
Francis Haugen, Soure: USA Today

Speaking to Politico recently, she said that Meta made huge promises about how there’s safety by design in the Metaverse before adding:

“But if they don’t commit to transparency and access and other accountability measures, I can imagine just seeing a repeat of all the harms you currently see on Facebook.”

Meta’s metaverse came under fire again but in order for it to really work, it will have to involve intrusive hardware like sensors, microphones, and cameras in people’s homes and public spaces to gather data and replicate it in the digital world. If Zuckerberg’s vision of the Metaverse becomes a reality, the amount of data the company can harvest is mind-blowing:

“You don’t really have a choice now on whether or not you want Facebook spying on you at home. We just have to trust the company to do the right thing.”

Companies like Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft already launched personal assistants with the sole goal of getting to know their users by mining data. The Metaverse takes a step further as the users are immersed in the virtual realm via the usage of hardware like VR headsets and gloves. According to the New York Post, Zuckerberg said that MEta plans to allow creators to sell virtual items in the Metaverse and the goal is that it aims to keep a cut of 50% which is just the beginning.

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It is clear that the company is betting on bigger profits from its foray into the digital world and this will be the worst thing for those that use it because they will see their privacy eroded and more of their personal data stolen, used, or manipulated.

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