Monday, February 6, 2023

New Nvidia Miner Could Make GPU Mining More Efficient

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The new Nvidia miner could make GPU mining much more efficient since crypto mining is a much more energy-intensive process as we can see more today in our latest cryptocurrency news.

The PC gaming electronics research made news in the PC world this week after creating a new way to boost the computational efficiency of the NVIDIA RTX 3090 card per KwH which can save the GPU crypto mining community some coins on the electric bill. In Germany, a hobbyist PC gaming researcher by the name of Igor Wallossek found a new way to cut the power consumption of the Nvidia RTX 3090. The new Nvidia miner can also make the entire crypto mining process simpler and more efficient. The report about the home lab electronics caper by Hassan Mujtaba explained why this is a breakthrough for anyone that can use the GPU:

“NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 3090 Ti graphics card is without a doubt the most power-hungry graphics card ever launched, sipping over 500 Watts of power and requiring insanely massive GPU cooling solutions to keep the heat in check.”

The crypto industry watchers know it Is not just full-time gamers that stand to save some money if Igor’s efficiency mod to the chip is replicable by the others. Unless they are using the ASIC chips designed to mine crypto coins like BTC, ETH, DOGE, LTC and BCH, Monero, ZCASH, and others while GPU still remains the most effective way to mine crypto. Out of the box, the RTX 3090 has a manufacturer reference TGP of 450W which is how much power the graphic subsystem requires to run the chip and to keep it from overheating. WCCF Tech said most custom models run at closer to 500W but Igor Labs found a way to limit the power consumption to 300W which marks a 37% drop in the TGP rating without having to lose nearly as much gaming performance which was tested using 10 games at 4K resolution.

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That yields an appreciable amount of electricity cost savings for the NVIDIA GPU’s computations and the huge cost of cooling the RTX 3090 which is designed to accommodate future graphic chips rated for 600 Watts which can save more money for the GPU mining industry. The graphics processing units are optimal for solving the SHA-256 hash algorithm problems whcih play a key role in the elaborate computational and the economic architecture of the PoW crypto-like BTC until the mainnet merges with the Beacon Chain to create the network consensus using PoS.

While the RTX 3090 is a powerful miner with a hashrate clocked at 135 MH/s on the Dagger Hashimoto implementation for ETH mining and PC also even recommended a more energy-efficient solution because the rig is a power hog and Igor’s modification to limit the card’s electricity usage can bump the RTX 3090 up the mining leaderboards for the key benchmarks like hashrate, daily profits, and power consumption.

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