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Opera Web Browser Added Support For Solana, Polygon And Bitcoin

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The Opera web browser added support for Solana, Bitcoin, and Polygon and it is supporting eight new blockchains as of today as we can see more today in our latest blockchain news.

The Opera Web browser added support for more blockchains to ease access to decentralized apps and services. These include projects like Polygon, Bitcoin, and Solana but also for StarkEx, Ronin, Celo, Cosmos-based IXO, and Nervos. The Polygon Dapps are available in the company’s novel Web3 native browser dubbed Crypto Browser Project on desktop PC, Android.

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Opera rolled out a new public beta version of the new Crypto Browser Project for mobile and desktop services with the project being a standalone browser that came in with built-in dapp support and a non-custodial wallet. It includes Crypto Corner which is an access point to the latest news, gas fees, and market sentiment but also upcoming airdrops and events calendar. Solana, Deversifi, Iox, Ronin, StarkEx, Nervos, Bitcoin, and Celo are only available in Opera for Android and are expected to be supported in the browser project in the next few months.

The average web user could be hesitant to dabble with Web3 but with the integration of Solana, Polygon, and other browsers, they can access the technologies from the safety of the browsers which provides a dedicated Web3 experience according to EVM Mobile at Opera Joregan Arnesen. Opera is one of the oldest web browsers which has been onlien since 1995 the company launched the first web browser with the integrated Ethereum wallet and basic Web3 support in 2018 opening access to a variety of ERC20 tokens that power dapps as well as ERC-721 tokens often used for minting digital collectibles.

The company said it sees layer-2 ecosystems as a main strategy for the mission to remain chain agnostic and to bring more users to the network. The term layer-2 referred to blockchain networks that are built off a larger mainnet like Ethereum and in moving activity of the mainnet, the kinds of networks can scale faster. Ronin, StarkEx, Polygon all fo are examples of layer2 crypto networks. Ronin powers the popular play to earn a game dubbed Axie Infinity.


Accoridng to Opera, Solana is a viable player in the blockchain sector that offers high scalability and low transaction costs but also an energy-efficient consensus model. Solana is energy-efficient because it uses es a proof of stake that leverages validators rather than miners to validate the transactions on the network.

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