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Pharma Bro’s Martin Shkreli Started Using Uniswap In Prison

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Pharma Bro’s Martin Shkreli revealed only days after leaving prison on fraud charges, that he started using Uniswap in prison and was optimistic about the future of crypto so let’s read more today in our latest cryptocurrency news.

Pharma Bro’s Martin Shkreli shared some of his opinions on DEFI, BTC, and Web3 with the crypto community. A few days after leaving prison on fraud charges, he said that he was quite optimistic about the future of crypto and was quite supportive of Defi, saying he used Uniswap uni prison. He namechecked Algorand and Solana s the main promising projects, saying that he thinks ETH could overtake BTC in the near future.

Martin Shkreli became notorious for hiking the price of the drug Daraprim by over 5000%. the controversial entrepreneur discussed his opinion on the future of BTC and DEFI to an audience of crypto supporters. Shkreli said he was optimistic about where DEFI is headed and revealed that he used the technology in the past. He added:

 “Uniswap is really cool. I started using Uniswap in prison.”

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He also discussed how DEFI can usurp the traditional fiannce system in the future as well:

“I don’t think it’s at the limit of where it can go. I think we’ll see more and more financial products that end up in DeFi… eventually we’ll see some crypto entity be bigger than the banking behemoths.”

Shkreli commented on how traditional stocks can be tokenized with the help of blockchain technology. Defi makes Apple and Tesla trading possible already with the synthetic assets but they are yet to see mainstream adoption. He also decried the process of buying stocks in the US suggesting that the DEFI can improve the entire experience:

 “The idea that I can’t buy a Tesla share without going through this SEC apparatus and all these other steps is kinda nuts… there are people breaking the silo and trying to destroy it forever, I hope.”

Shkreli also mentioned af ew other crypto projects during the discussions and some of them were in niche ventures which are unknown outisde of the crypto circles. He compared Ethereum Name Service domain names to AOL screen names. He namechecked Algorand and Solana as layer-1 projects which can reduce Bitcoin’s domiannce ont the marekt. What was interesting is that Buterin posted a tweet during a five-hour call that was interpreted as a dig at Shkreli:

 “How do we create a culture where it’s harder to set (or become) the topic of public conversation by doing something terrible and easier to do so by doing something great?”

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