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Sao Paolo University Will Have Its Own Land In The Metaverse

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The Brazilian Sao Paolo University will have its own land in the metaverse after partnering with Radio Caca to build its virtual headquarter and study its potential applications so let’s read more today in our latest cryptocurrency news.

The Sao Paolo University signed a cooperation deal with Radio Caca to study different educational applications in the United States of Mars metaverse by operating different virtual lands in the metaverse. As per the official information shared by the university, the team will evaluate the technical, legal aspects and economic aspects of the metaverse while creating a research program to learn about the inner workings and limitations. The University became the first Latin American university to enter the metaverse hand in hand with Radio Caca and other international universities so, beyond the academic field, other major institutions are experimenting with opening offices in the metaverse.

One of the key points is that the University of Sao Paolo will have its own virtual land where it will build a headquarters so that students and employees can interact with each other in a virtual environment. In other words, any student will be able to enjoy the experience offered by the metaverse interactions and this can dramatically change how students enjoy their academic experience. The project is quite ambitious. It also counts on the support of the University Blockchain Research Initiative which is sponsored by Ripple as one of the most relevant companies in the industry.

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The experiment can be helpful for different research areas like virtual reality, artificial intelligence, 3D modeling, remote education, and psychology studies. The CEO of Radio Caca Jeff Watney added that the goal of the platform is for universities to be able to build an open metaverse centered on user freedom. A professor at USP, Marcos Simplicio said this is the first time the university received or handled an NFT which is the virtual land in the United States of Mars metaverse.

Radio Caca on the other hand, has a huge community and has support from renowned companies like Ripple Labs, OKX BLockDream Ventures, Consensys, and more.

As recently reported, On May 24, Mercado Bitcoin as the biggest crypto and digital asset platform in Latin America, announced a new partnership with the Stellar Development Foundation to take part in the development of the Brazilian central bank’s digital currency. As per the post by the Stellar Foundation, Brazil’s biggest exchange partnered with Stellar and will work on one of the nine projects by the Laboratory of Financial and Technological Innovations of Brazil to develop a minimum viable product for a CBDC that will meet the goals of the Brazilian government.

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