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TEANfilas Takes Down 888poker Sunday Sale Main Event

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888poker ran its popular Sunday Sale promotion this weekend, slashing the buy-ins of two massive tournaments: the $100,000 Sunday Sale Main Event and the $40,000 Sunday Sale High Roller. The former only cost $55 instead of the usual $109 while the latter came with a $265 buy-in, down from $525.

Some 1,868 players took advantage of the cut-price $100,000 event, which left 888poker nursing a $6,700 overlay. Brazil’s “TEANfilas” took full advantage of the added prize money and walked away with a $13,810 score.

$100,000 Sunday Sale Main Event Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 TEANfilas Brazil $13,810
2 n0name24 Romania $10,080
3 checheee Romania $7,410
4 Spiralblock Germany $5,490
5 CharlesUlman Brazil $4,060
6 vse0k Ukraine $3,030
7 Biceps87 United Kingdom $2,270
8 Reence Lithuania $1,720
9 WalnutPix United Kingdom $1,310

“WalnutPix” was the first of the nine finalists to dust off their stack. They open-shoved for seven big blinds with queen-jack and lost to the pocket queens of “CharlesUlman.” WalnutPix walked away with $1,310 for their $55 investment.

Pocket queens eliminated “Reence” in seventh place when the Lithuanian moved all in for 16.6 big blinds with ace-ten of hearts, and TEANfilas called from the button.

“Biceps87” was the next to fall after having their aces cracked by pocket sevens for all but 0.2 big blinds of their stack. Biceps doubled up a couple of times but it was a tall order to claw their way back into contention. They came unstuck a few hands later at the hands of TEANfilas.

Sixth place and $3,030 went to Ukraine’s “vse0k,” who three-bet all-in from the big blind for 5.4 big blinds with pocket nines, and “Spiralblock” called with ace-ten. A ten on the flop put vse0k on the back foot, and they busted when Spiralblock backed into a Broadway straight.

The very next hand after vse0k’s demise saw CharlesUlman go broke with king-jack on a jack-high flop against the pocket aces of “checheee.” CharlesUlman banked $4,060 for their efforts.

Next to fall was Germany’s Sprialblock. “n0name24” min-raised with pocket nines in the cutoff before calling the 9.2 big blind three-bet shove from Spiralblock, which was made with a pair of eights in the hole. The nines held, and the $100,000 Sunday Sale Main Event was down to its final three players.

Those three became two when checheee crashed out. Checheee has early asked to look at the numbers but neither of their opponents obliged. It was checheee who busted in thid after moving all-in from the small blind for less than 14 big blinds with pocket threes. TEANfilas snap-called with kings, and it was game over.

TEANfilas held a more then two-to-one chip lead over n0name24. A half-hour heads-up battle ended when n0name24 raised to 2.2 big blinds with queen-eight, and TEANfilas called with ace-seven. The flop fell deuce-four-nine with two clubs, and TEANfilas check-called a 1.5 big blind continuation bet. An ace on the turn saw TEANfilas check-called a four big blind bet, leading to a seven on the turn. TEANfilas checked their two pair, and n0name24 took the bait, shoving all-in for 11 big blinds on a stone-cold bluff. TEANfilas instantly called and became the $100,000 Sunday Sale Main Event champion, turning $55 into $13,810.

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kellerassel0 Crowned Sunday Sale High Roller Champion

Some 224 players exchanged $265 for the chance to become the $40,000 Sunday Sale High Roller champion, creating a $56,000 prize pool as a result. The lion’s share of that pot, $12,555, found its way to the 888poker account of “kellerassel0” who defeated “FidisManibu8” heads-up, resigning the runner-up to an $8,960 consolation prize.

Smashing the guarantee was a great result for this tournament, so do not be surprised to see 888poker run a similar promotion in the not too distant future.

$40,000 Sunday Sale High Roller Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 kellerassel0 Germany $12,555
2 FidisManibu8 United Kingdom $8,960
3 GUYLORD1000 Montenegro $6,400
4 floatmasta Estonia $4,603
5 R2Rka Ukraine $3,337
6 Kamooooon United Kingdom $2,419
7 Sprase1999 United Kingdom $1,764
8 algsxr Canada $1,288
9 popsnpoker Canada $946


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