Monday, December 11, 2023

Telegram Denied Exposing Twitter Claims Of A User: Hoax Alert

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Telegram denied exposing Twitter claims of the user who managed to trigger a frenzy in the community as we are reading more today in our latest cryptocurrency news.

After some serious claims were made, the anonymous hacker garnered attention and made some Ether, and most assess whether the claims are in fact true but Telegram maintained that the crimes they got accused of were only a bid to steal users’ private keys. It all started when the user by the name “Adyingnobody” posted a long thread claiming to have leveraged the exploit on Telegram to acquire 100GB of messages from the app and this vulnerability enabled him to gain access to messages from Telegram groups without joining them.

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What raised eyebrows was the users’ claim to have access to evidence of illegal activities like scams and rug pulls theft and assassinations, pedophilia, and more. The user went on to say that most of the individuals or projects in the claims will not survive this because of public backlash, or other reasons like embarrassment. The alleged whistleblower posted a link as well with the claims which most experts in the community recommended not to click on. By releasing these messages, the user said they will cause a tear in the entire community and the crypto space and as a result, the user managed to acquire 37K followers on Twitter in one day.

The Ethereum wallet address on the Twitter bio shows a total of 44 transactions from the people that wished to have a closer look. The user said the files exposing organizations and other individuals will be released in the next few weeks and will be password protected. The security experts asked the community to exercise caution when evaluating extraordinary claims made by anonymous users. Telegram argued that the security team was not aware of these issues and called these claims “Fantasy at best.. Telegram denied the claims and stated:

“An anonymous account made a baseless claim that they were able to access the contents of private group chats on Telegram. No such vulnerability has ever been found. This is likely a hoax with the intent to get users to download malware.”

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