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Tether Launched Blockchain Education Program In Switzerland

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Tether launched Blockchain education program in Switzerland that will teach students everything there is about crypto and the underlying technology so let’s read more today in our latest Blockchain news.

Paolo Ardoino added:

“It is essential that educational institutions are put into place to help better inform not only traders and investors but future business owners.”

Tether launched a blockchain education program in the southern city of Lugano as a part of the partnership between the local governemnt and Tether. The city and Tether said they will be launching a plan B summer School in an effort to bring blockchain and crypto education to the masses. The education center is a part of tether’s Plan B initiatives with the city which included making BTC, TEther, and the LVGA Token legal tender in the area. According to the school’s website, the program will run for two weeks in July and will feature speakers like Adam Back, Paolo ARdoino, and more. The topics will include basic introductions to stablecoins and blockchain analysis but also regulatory policies around the crypto assets. Ardoino added:

“As adoption continues to drive participation in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, it is essential that educational institutions are put into place to help better inform not only traders and investors but future business owners looking to implement these financial tools into their everyday lives.”

the program was co-organized with the Franklin University of Switzerland and is also supported by the Universita Della Svizzera Italiana. The Plan B school initiative is aimed at equipping a new generation of workers with skills needed nto the digital asset space while other crypto-friendly countries including El Salvador launched similar programs in an effort to increase adoption.

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As earlier reported, The latest Tether reports came out after the stablecoin briefly lost its 1:1 peg with the US dollar and it shows that Tether reduced the commercial paper in USDT reserves by 16.8%. Tether’s $82 billion reserves were 86% cash and cash equivalents with the rest including $4 billion in corporate bonds, $3 billion secured loans, and $5 billion in other investmetns such as crypto assets. The cash and cash equivalents portion consisted of 52% US treasury bonds, 37% commercial paper, and the rest of the money market funds with cash deposits.

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