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These 3 Decentraland (MANA) alternatives could blow up in the coming months

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Decentraland (MANA) is one of the biggest metaverse projects in crypto right now. But it is not alone in fact, many new projects have been coming up, and they are far cheaper and less risky. But why would you even be considering getting an alternative to MANA? Well, here are some facts:

  • Decentraland appears to have very limited upside potential.

  • Investors are always looking for new, more exciting projects.

  • There is a lot of room on the metaverse for a lot of coins to shine.

With that in mind, we decided to come up with a list of MANA alternatives that have immense potential. Here they are:

Genesis Worlds (GENESIS)

Genesis Worlds (GENESIS) dubs itself as the 100-year metaverse. Its concept is largely based on how Decentraland works. In essence, users get to buy virtual real estate and other virtual items that are backed by NFTs. 

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However, Genesis offers a more immersive virtual experience and is also adding social and gaming elements into its metaverse. What makes this project so exciting is the fact that it still has a market cap of around $1.4 million. The potential for growth is huge.

Terra Virtua (TVK)

Terra Virtua (TVK) is a blockchain project which is planning to combine NFTs and virtual reality fully. The aim of this project is to give users a way to interact with digital collectibles in an immersive experience within the metaverse. There will also be a virtual marketplace within the metaverse where users can sell and buy NFTs.


CEEK VR (CEEK) is music and entertainment-centered virtual universe where artists can monetize their content within the metaverse. The aim is to promote virtual performances and concerts as well as celeb-inspired virtual communities. CEEK is a highly undervalued project with so much potential for growth.


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