Friday, December 9, 2022

Wikipedia Members Want Crypto Donations To Get Banned

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Wikipedia members want crypto donations to get banned and are against the platform receiving crypto donations as we can see more today in our latest cryptocurrency news.

Out of the 70% of the voters in the Wikimedia Foundation were against the platform receiving crypto donations and the online pushback against the PoW crypto like BTC shows no sign of letting up. The three-month-long poll oversees funding for Wikipedia and found that a huge majority of community members were against the donations made in crypto.

Mozilla announced that it will no longer accept PoW crypto for donations and cited the energy usage. It will only receive PoS crypto which is much less energy-intensive. The Wikimedia Foundation ran a community poll that asked whether it should stop accepting crypto donations. Among the 326 voters, said yes:

 “These results indicate overall community support, with a significant minority in opposition. Thus, the Wikimedia community requests that the Wikimedia Foundation stop accepting cryptocurrency donations,” wrote Wikipedia administrator and steward “Vermont.”

The Wikipedia members from the foundation created the poll after Molly White under the username GorillaWarfare which submitted a proposal to end the crypto donations. The Wikimedia Foundation started accepting BTC in 2014 and recieved $140,000 in the first week it reported that in the last fiscal year, the organization received over $130,000 in crypto from 347 donors and less than 1% of the 2021 revenue with most donations being in BTC. Julia Brungs wrote:

“We have never held cryptocurrency, and spot-convert donations daily into fiat currency (USD), which doesn’t have a significant environmental impact.”

Most critics of cryptos point to the huge amounts of energy used to create and maintain digital currencies and their support networks. The environmental impact became a voice for the anti-NFT movement in gaming. The reminder by Mozilla that it accepts donations in crypto was met with huge backlash including the one from Mozilla’s founder Jamie Zawinski who called the ones involved with crypto planet-incinerating Ponzi gifters.”

The Crypto supporters are fast to point out the good is done and over $100 million cryptos were donated to the Ukrainian government and NGOs after the Russian invasion the figure includes $2.5 million in ETH from the co-founder Vitalik Buterin. Alex Bornyakov noted:

“Crypto proved to be a real lifesaver thanks to its ease of use. We at @mintsyfra made crypto donations even easier.”

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