Monday, December 11, 2023

3AC Lenders Start Exiting Company Amid Insolvency Fears: Report

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The 3AC lenders start exiting the company amid the insolvency fears and some of these companies include BitMEX and Finblox so let’s read more today in our latest cryptocurrency news.

Three Arrows Capital is having a hard time and the 3AC lenders started exiting the company’s positions and the portfolio companies are distancing themselves. Three Arrows Capital was quite the darling among crypto investment firms for years and now amid the crypto bear market and after the Terra collapse last month, the fund seems to be at a real risk of insolvency and the companies took steps to insulate themselves from the collapsing company.

The rumors that the Singapore-based company is becoming insolvent started crashing last week and since then, the co-founder Su Zhu said that the company is in the process of communicating with relevant parties that are fully committed to working this problem out. It emerged that 3AC had started selling off assets including the $40 milion worth of the Lido Staked Ethereum and it is widely believed but it was still not confirmed that 3AC has been trying to keep a $264 million Aave loan and the $35 million Compound loan from entering the liquidation phase.

3AC had heavy exposure to Terra and when Do Kwon’s Luna Foundation made its $1.5 billion BTC purchase to prop up the stablecoin reserves, it was with the help of 3AC. BitMEX confirmed that it liquidated Three Arrows Capital positions this week and the co-founder Benjamin Delo made a $10 million settlement with the CFTC to avoid prison time over failing to establish and implement an AML program. In the meantime, the staking platform Finblox counts Three Arrows as an investor and reduced the customer withdrawal limits.

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Finblox is a staking and yield earning platform that promised up to 90% APY on the customer deposits which paused all reward distributions and updated the withdrawal limits and disabled the creation of the new crypto addresses until further notice. The crypto derivatives exchange Deribit whcih counts 3AC as a shareholder of the parent company DRB Panama said that it considers the small amount of debt the company has with the potentially distressed. The company wrote:

“Even in the event that none of this debt is repaid to us, we will remain financially healthy and operations will not be impacted. We can confirm all customer funds are safe and the full insurance fund will remain intact as is. Any potential losses will be covered by Deribit.”

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