Sunday, November 27, 2022

Anonymous Hacks Russia’s Central Bank, What Can Happen Next?

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Anonymous hacks Russia’s central bank and said it will release up to 35,000 documents with secret information that is gathered by the hack in the next 48 hours so let’s read more in today’s latest cryptocurrency news.

Anonymous hacks Russia’s central bank and threatened to release thousands of secret documents. The group continues to warn global companies that haven’t yet withdrawn from Russia to do so or they will be hacked next. It has been a month after Vladimir Putin launched a special military operation against Ukraine and there’s no clear end in sight. EU and NATO as well as other countries refused to get involved in the war but condemned Russia’s actions. However, they decided to start imposing various sanctions against the aggressor and its people. Plenty of global companies like Apple, Ikea, Nike, visa, Mastercard, and Paypal stopped servicing Russia-based customers.

The hacking group that is almost 2 decades old, joined the fight against Russia and they breached over 30 Russian targets, collecting over 1 Billion in RUB. The group also offered Russian soldiers $52,000 worth of BTC to everyone who surrendered a tank. The group also said that it exploited Russia’s central bank and now threatens to release 35,000 files with secret agreements in the next two days. The number of companies leaving Russia still grows but there are a few that refused to do so. As such, the hacker group issued several warnings against the companies and published their logos as well, claiming that their time is running out. Anonymous said that they feel sorry for the innocent people that are getting massacred in Ukraine and urged them to halt operations on Russian soil.

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As recently reported, The Russia central bank stepped up the monitoring of P2P transactions and crypto transactions and the bank even proposed the nation’s commercial banks should also tighten the monitoring of crypto and other operations. The objective is to stop transactions that attempt to evade the special economic measures to counter the outflows of the foreign currency abroad. The proposal mentions that scrutinizing crypto trading is one of the ways of withdrawing capital in Russia which was mentioned in the letter by the CBR vice-chairman Yuri Isaev sent to other organizations for them to start inspecting the transactional activity which includes any spending pattern. The financial institution will target withdrawals via digital currencies and similar expenditures.

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