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Casino Esport Conference introduces Northeast Summit event in Atlantic City, with NJ’s Stockton University | Yogonet International

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The Casino Esport Conference (CEC), which will hold its 7th Las Vegas event in February next year, announced Friday it has teamed up with the Esports Innovation Center (EIC) in Atlantic City at Stockton University in New Jersey to create the new CEC/EIC Northeast Summit, only focused on esports. It will take place October 18-19, 2022. 

Through this alliance, CEC intends to bring “intense, deep-dive conversations” about how the esports industry specifically fits into the conversation of the casino industry, and discuss esports from a non-casino viewpoint, tackling the competitive collegiate, High School and elementary levels at which this vertical has been affecting the next generation of competitors, and what will be the future landscape of new businesses that will be birthed from this event for professional-level esports. 

In addition, CEC organizers recently announced the creation of the CEC University (CEC-U), which will take place on February 27, 2023, the day before the CEC Las Vegas. For the first time ever, the Casino Esport Conference will be providing Esports and Video Gaming classes. Courses range and include Wagering, Marketing, Legal, Hosting. Cryptocurrency, Hardware, Games, Culture and more. The 7th edition of the Casino Esport Conference will take place February 28- March 1, 2023. 

In a recent interview with Yogonet, after announcing for the first time the inclusion of the creation of CEC-U, Founders and Executive Producers, Ari and Ben Fox brothers explained the “techtainment” concept they have coined, and the countless opportunities it represents for the entire casino industry, claiming that “they haven’t even scratched the surface”. 

“Casinos really like to keep everything in-house and they like to do things themselves. Or if they see a really good idea, they’ll copy that ideand then put that into play for their consumers and their customers. So instead of actually trying to design or them going to consultants, they bring their executives to our event and our day of education, and let them learn for themselves from the people that they have to build that stuff from, or get that stuff built, so that they can do it in house”, Ari stated. 

“Get someone who’s going to learn and educate about the metaverse, about cryptocurrency, about video gaming culture, and there’s a lot to know. And that’s why we’ve decided that we would add this day of education and workshops”, he concluded in reference to CEC-U. 

The founders added that one of the key educational hubs represented at CEC-U will be UNLV’s Black Fire Innovation, and also plans to bring in people at the forefront of technology from Decentral Games, which runs the Decentraland metaverse, Ubisoft, and also from Intel, Google and Microsoft.


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