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Five Crypto Experts And Their Popular Opinions About Bitcoin

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In times when Bitcoin is hitting yearly highs and is close to making the all-time highs in 2017 a distant memory, people are talking about how the space could improve – and what will the future hold. In today’s Bitcoin news, we are listing the opinions of five crypto experts who talked about the bullish case, the institutional interest, and the room of BTC to go higher. So, let’s begin.

Peter Smith, CEO of, said that Bitcoin “has become inevitable”

From 2011 to 2014, when no one believed in Bitcoin, the CEO of Peter Smith said that it was “a grand experiment.” Between 2014 and 2017, however, he kind of changed his mind and recognized it would work.

“From 2017 and onwards, Bitcoin’s become inevitable. Bet on Bitcoin’s inevitability,” he said.

Paolo Ardoino, CTO at Bitfinex, said that “nothing can obscure the compelling case for Bitcoin”

Ardoino is second in the list of five crypto experts weighing down their opinions on Bitcoin. He said:

“No amount of cynicism, disbelief or even fantastical thinking can obscure the compelling case for Bitcoin,” the chief technical officer (CTO_ at Bitfinex said. “Global asset managers will continue to recalibrate their portfolios accordingly.”

Anthony Denier, CEO at Webull, said that “Bitcoin rally needs more fuel from gold”

The relation between Bitcoin and gold is always interesting to observe. According to the CEO at Webull Anthony Denier, a weak dollar is good for Bitcoin because of Fed’s policy of printing money and thereby devaluating the dollar.

“If people are pulling money out of gold and putting it into Bitcoin, that could give more fuel for the Bitcoin rally,” he said.

Denier is among the five crypto experts that believe in the dominant coin.

Simon Peters, analyst at eToro, said that “$25,000 before 2021 might be on the cards”

The senior analyst at eToro pointed that there are many indicators suggesting that Bitcoin could go higher. As he said in the cryptocurrency news, “there will be some selling at $20,000, and this could see a short move backwards. But if bitcoin shrugs off this selling and continues rising, then New Year’s Eve at $25,000 is there for the taking.”

All of these analysts believe in Bitcoin and are now closer to their predictions.

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