Saturday, December 2, 2023

MetaMask Institutional Added Gnosis Safe Custody Options For DEFI

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MetaMask institutional added Gnosis Safe custody options for DEFI but it also can be used for Hex Trust, Parfin, and GK8 as we can see more today in our latest cryptocurrency news.

The crypto wallet MetaMask Institutional produced by ConsenSys added four different platforms for asset management to the wallet product and the four platforms integrated focused on the crypto asset custody and secufrity are Hex Trust, Parafin, GK8, and Gnosis Safe. Metamask has over 30 million monthly active users and it is maybe the most common for the individual user as a hot wallet for the ETH transactions and the NFT purchases. The new integrations will help organizations like corporations, banks, and DAOs manage crypto funds and now Metamask institutional was launched in 2020.

Gnosis safe is now being used by DEFI platforms like Uniswap to enable the multi-sig features which means that the users have to collectively sign off the transactions to release ETH funds or NFTs. Hex trust offers crypto asset custody and dEFI staking options as well as trading for the Asian market and now has over $5 billion under its custody and more than 200 institutional clients. Parafin offers custody and trading features and also provides a number of different DEFI and custody services. The DAOs use smart contracts and governance tokens to execute after the voting has been around for a while and most struggled to achieve truly decentralized via the blockchain.

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The new integrations via MMI can make it easier for existing DAOs to achieve the utopian vision of the collective and decision-making and will offer leaders of the biggest DAOs a more streamlined approach to asset security.

MetaMask announced plenty of new updates to its mobile version 4.3.1 and the most significant one was the Apple Pay integration. The thing is that Apple doesn’t directly support crypto payments on its own platform is it has to be done via Wyre supports crypto and it is integrated with Apple Pay. Users can buy crypto with debit or credit cards and eliminate the need to send ETH to the app so the apple Pay users can deposit a maximum of $500 into their wallet using their Visa or Mastercards. MetaMask will allow iPhone users to buy crypto and it uses the Transak payments platform to allow the users to buy crypto with their credit or debit cards.

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