Tuesday, June 6, 2023

New York Online Gambling Dead for 2022

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If you were hoping for New York online gambling or poker this year, we have some bad news for you. State legislators could not get a deal done in regard to a measure being pushed by State Senator Joseph Addabbo, who also pushed sports betting reforms there.

Since regulating mobile and online sports bets, the state has set revenue records in America. Despite this, the current legislative session will end on June 2nd with nothing accomplished for web based casino games. Addabbo’s bill didn’t see much support after clearing committee.

Of course, those who remember the struggles of sports betting in New York will also recall that those bills didn’t receive much support for many years either. Eventually, the state did regulate betting on sporting events, which has since become a nice source of income.

One interesting side note to this story is that many states close to New York (such as New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania) all have regulated casino gaming. Those states make an extra $120 million per year in taxes, on average.

Given the history of difficulties in the state, New York online gambling will most likely become a reality within the next several years. And based upon “conservative market estimates” that would generate close to $500 million a year.

Since no one likes a quitter, Addabbo says he will push his New York online gambling legislation again next year. Perhaps the second time will be a charm. Or the third.


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