Tuesday, November 29, 2022

OpenSea Confirmed To Begin Listing Solana NFTs in April

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OpenSea confirmed to begin listing Solana NFTs in April and collections such as Degenerate Apes, Aurora and Solana Monkey Business will be on the platform as we can see more in today’s latest blockchain news.

Solana NFTs will be added to the OpenSea marketplace in April and the news came months after building leaks, leading the Opensea platform to confirm that It will indeed provide the support for NFTs minted on the Solana blockchain.

OpenSea revealed the news with a teaser video posted on the Twitter account and made fun of the tweets that pointed its way about the plans to add Solana. The video is about the “best-kept secret in web3” and noted that Solana support is coming in April but no specific date was mentioned. Solana is the second biggest NFT ecosystem behind Ethereum with a market cap of $1.5 billion. The Solana NFT space grew on the back of rising collections like Aurora, Degenerate Ape academy, and Solana Monkey Business.

Solana offers cheaper and faster transactions than the Etheruem mainnet. The first leak showed potential for integrating Solana on OpenSea in January after a hacker Jane Machun Wong mentioned the popular Phantom wallet in parts of the site. OpenSea confirmed to start listing Solana NFTs in April and the hacker discovered evidence that suggested the Solana launch was near like “Solana Beta” logo ont eh site and support from the Software wallet. Others on social media also noticed that there’s a connection to a Phantom wallet and Opensea even if the NFTs themselves are not available yet on the platform.

The teaser video shows NFTs from a number of collections on Solana, including Aurory, Boryoku Dragnoz, Solana Monkey Business, Cataline Whale Mixer, and Degenerate ape Academy. The Solana Monkey Business account tweeted that they can’t wait to be listed on OpenSea. The Ethereum-based OpenSea is the most popular marketplace for NFTs and racked up billions of dollars in trading volume with up to $5 billion in January across ETH and sidechain scaling solution- Polygon. OpenSea was valued at $13.3 billion after the latest $300 million Series C Raise.

As recently reported, The week-long period that OpenSea gave users to migrate their NFT listings ended today. After the deadline, the platform announced that some features on the site could not be available because of the migration. OpenSea pushed for a smart contract and urged to start a migration of their NFT listings from the old contract to the new one. The marketplace mentioned that the upgrade brings more features like bulk listings and descriptive signatures while ensuring all of the inactive listings expire.

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