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“Peru is one of the most relevant and developed markets in Latam at the moment, making it an excellent place for business opportunities” | Yogonet International

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Only days away from the 2022 edition of the Peru Gaming Show (PGS), to be held on Wednesday and Thursday at the Jockey Exhibition Center in Lima, Pragmatic Play spoke with Yogonet about its participation in the LatAm-focused event and its expectations after having attended and sponsored other regionally-hosted events this year, such as SAGSE in Buenos Aires and GAT Expo in Cartagena. 

In an exclusive interview with the publication, the company’s Vice President of LatAm Operations, Victor Arias, described Pragmatic Play’s participation as “incredibly important” for the company as a business. 

“For us, it is essential to maintain clear and concise objectives and, for this show, we’re looking forward to showcasing our growth and highlighting to operators that we have a leading product range that they can trust”. 

Victor Arias at the Pragmatic Play stand at SAGSE Buenos Aires 2022.

“The expectations we have for the PGS event are very high, since the level of demand we handle is very high. Peru is one of the most relevant markets in Latin America at the moment, as well as one of the most developed, making it an excellent place for business opportunities”, Arias explained. 

Pragmatic Play will be showcasing its complete range of products, including slots and Live Casino verticals which, according to Arias, has “a strong presence” in Latin America, as well as its Bingo vertical, “a product that offers many advantages and every day more and more operators are getting to know it and recommending it in our region”, along with its recently launched verticals, Virtual Sports and Sportsbook. 

The Sportsbook vertical, the fifth in the company’s portfolio, was launched at the 2022 edition of ICE London, an exhibition that was described in a previous interview with Yogonet as the “biggest in the company’s history”. 

“The launch of our sportsbook vertical was something that definitely surprised a few in the industry. Without a doubt, we have become the most complete and diversified provider, currently having five verticals. This has been generating a lot of interest, both in the Latin American market and globally, and we are very eager to start seeing the results of our new addition”, the Vice President of Latin American Operations stated. 

Pragmatic Play will be integrating its new Sportsbook vertical into the first operators during June and July, in a crucial step in the company’s growth.

Two years after the company’s establishment of its hub in Latin America, Pragmatic Play continues to invest in it, providing a fully localized service and offering its portfolio “to maintain our leadership in the continent”, Arias explained. 

PGS is expected to bring the sector together one more time this year, as 2022 has seen heavyweight events such as ICE London and GAT Expo return to normalcy after the COVID-19 pandemic, providing an optimum scenario for networking opportunities and educational panels.

In this respect, Pragmatic Play’s expectations are based on the fact that the Show “has always been characterized by its position as a leading show in the region, and for bringing together colleagues from all countries. Therefore, we believe it is essential to represent our brand in Peru, strengthen ties with industry players, be updated on the news of the region and, ultimately, to do good business”. 

“Although our line of work for all events and of our daily operations remains the same, our strategy changes depending on the market in which we are going to exhibit. It is important to remember that Latin America is a whole, but each of its countries must be considered independently, which leads us to approach each market in different ways. They all have their nuances, and this is reflected in each of our projects, so we’ll approach PGS with an open mind and look forward to the show”. 

The company’s LatAm hub agenda for the remainder of the year includes other important industry events as well: “We want to be a part of the main exhibitions across the industry. This means we’ll be attending several events in the near future, such as Bis and SAGSE Miami”, Arias said. “At these conferences, we’ll be seeking to give each market the importance it deserves, demonstrating our true commitment to the industry in the continent”, Victor Arias concluded. 


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