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Phil Hellmuth & Tom Dwan to Play $800K ‘High Stakes Duel’ Match on May 12

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High Stakes Duel Round 4

Fans of legendary heads-up poker matches can rejoice as PokerGO announced on Tuesday that Round 4 of High Stakes Duel III between Phil Hellmuth and Tom Dwan will take place next month with higher stakes than ever before.

The heads-up match, scheduled for May 12 at PokerGO Studios in Las Vegas, will see both players putting up $400,000 as they look to out-play one another to win $800,000.

Dwan Seeking Redemption

It’s already been an epic heads-up battle between the two poker icons. Hellmuth was 7-0 in High Stakes Duel before sports talk show personality Nick Wright opted out of a second round and “durrrr” took his place. In August 2021, Dwan cracked aces to win the $100,000 Round 2 against “The Poker Brat.”

Tom Dwan
Tom Dwan

Hellmuth challenged Dwan to a rematch shortly after, which took place earlier this year. Hellmuth emerged victorious in the $200,000 Round 3 confrontation when his Big Slick got there against the pocket aces of Dwan.

Dwan went on to exercise his option to rematch Hellmuth, bringing us to where we are today. With the price point raised and $800,000 up for grabs, the stakes are as high as ever as the two top poker pros step back into the ring.

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What to Expect

Given the recent history between Hellmuth and Dwan, expect sparks to fly and for both players to bring their A-game into the arena come May 12.

According to the rules of the High Stakes Duel show, the stakes double each round for up to an eighth round, which would award $12,800,000 in prize money.

Because of the rules, there will be a High Stakes Duel III Round 5 regardless who wins Round 4. In Round 5, each competitor will put up $800,000 and play for $1,600,000. The loser of this next match has first right to a rematch or a new player will be invited to take their place if they decline.

Phil Hellmuth
Phil Hellmuth

Players may walk away victorious without a rematch if they win three consecutive matches before Round 4 or two consecutive matches starting with Round 4, according to PokerGO.

Both Hellmuth and Dwan would need to win two consecutive matches in order to be eligible to walk away.

Round 4 between Hellmuth and Dwan will air on on May 12 at 8 p.m. ET. PokerGO’s Ali Nejad will be providing commentary for the match and PokerGO will host a High Stakes Duel Hype Show the day leading up to the match.

The first hour of the match will be available for free on PokerGO’s YouTube channel at

Photos courtesy PokerGO


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