Thursday, September 21, 2023

Rolling Out the PokerStars Betting Exchange

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This week’s gambling news will be exciting for anyone who likes to bet on sports: The launch of the PokerStars Betting Exchange! Find out what all the excitement is about, and learn about the possibility of regulated California sports betting as well.

Sports betting is spreading across America faster than an STD at a porn convention…. Sorry for the visual. You can now legally bet on sports in 33 states and the District of Columbia, plus another nine states have active legislation to regulate the activity! Pennsylvania just reached an all-time high in sports betting revenue. New York mobile sports betting continues to rock and roll! And don’t look now, but this fall voters in California will decide whether or not to bring regulated sports betting to that state! And right on time, here comes the PokerStars Sports Betting Exchange!

Now some of you may be wondering what the hell is a sports betting exchange? And why the hell should you care? Well, in simplest terms, a betting exchange is where players place bets against other players and not the house. Usually you will get lower fees on your bets, and usually you will get better odds on your bets. Sound interesting ? Also, since a betting exchange is global you can bet on events from all over the world, against players from all around the world. You simply pick your event, enter your odds, and if someone takes you up on your offer, bam! Bets are on!

The PokerStars Betting Exchange will be rolled out to different markets at different times , so if you don’t see it where you live just yet please be patient. Eventually it will be available on both and… and no, in case you’re wondering, they did not pay me to say any of this. Although now that I think about it, I probably could have got a little somethin’ somethin’ from them.

This week’s game review is for the Cosmic Convoy online slot, with 10 rows and 10 cascading reels, from our friends at High 5 Games. It features both a bonus round and bonus spins, but this game is all about the clusters! Triggering re-spins, special features, and awarding even bigger wins! You can find this review and hundreds more when you visit our YouTube channel.

And finally this week, voters in California will head to the polls this November to decide whether or not they want regulated sports betting in their state. However, a new poll finds that when it comes to betting on sports California, voters don’t give a shit. Yes, after years and years and years of fighting between Tribal gaming interests, state card rooms, and national sports betting operators over who is going to profit the most from sports betting in the state, voters just don’t care anymore! Over half, in fact, say they are now opposed to regulating online sports betting. I think… I’m not sure, but I think this is what they mean when they talk about “voter fatigue”.


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