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SCRT is up 13% in the last 24 h: here’s where to buy SCRT

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The live SCRT (Secret) price today is $4.79 with a 24-hour trading volume of $52 million. Secret is up 13.32% in the last 24 hours.

If you want to know what SCRT is, can it give you good returns, and the top places to buy the SCRT token, you’ve come to the right place. 

Top places to buy SCRT now


Binance has grown exponentially since it was founded in 2017 and is now one of, if not the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges on the market.

Buy SCRT with Binance today


FTX is a cryptocurrency exchange built by traders, for traders. FTX offers innovative products including industry-first derivatives, options, volatility products and leveraged tokens. We strive to develop a platform robust enough for professional trading firms and intuitive enough for first-time users.

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What is SCRT?

Secret (SCRT) is a privacy-oriented blockchain built on Cosmos. Its smart contracts are called Secret Contracts and allow DApps to use private data on Secret, similar to how smart contracts operate on other blockchains. 

However, Secret Contracts transfer encrypted inputs into encrypted outputs without exposing data. This is made possible thanks to the encrypted contract states during the execution.

Data privacy is guaranteed by combining encryption protocols and key management within a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE). 

This allows Secret Contracts to compete for several privacy-related use cases that traditional blockchains have found difficult to accommodate. 

Should I buy SCRT today?

SCRT can definitely be worth investing in if your timing is right. Unfortunately, this is often impossible to know in advance. Any investment decision should take your risk tolerance into account. Don’t take any price predictions at face value.

SCRT price prediction

CryptoNewsZ expects the price of SCRT to begin with an average of $8.40 next year. It may reach a maximum value of $27.37 by the end of 2030.

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