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Sony And Theta Partner To Launch 3D NFTs Which Can Be Touched

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Sony and Theta partner to launch a 3D NFT that can be touched even and it will be viewable on the Sony Spatial Reality Display that will create the sensation of solid objects without accessories so let’s read more today in our latest blockchain news today.

The NFTs are taking another step furhter into the real world. Theta labs as the operator of the Blockchain-based streaming platform Theta is partnering with Sony to launch a new type of 3D NFT that is designed for use with the Sony Spatial Reality Display. Sony’s SRD is a tablet-like device that shows its dimensional visuals in semi-physical augmented reality and it allows users to see and manipulate 3D objects without the use of glasses or other accessories. The SRD tracks eye movement and pivots the image in sync as the viewer tilts or moves their head in any direction which creates the sensation of a 3d object. The NFTs launched by Sony and Theta will be viewable and manipulable on the SRD in mixed reality and without the assistance of eye accessories.

One of the two SRD-enabled NFTs including a Tiki mas called the “tiki Guy” will be a limited edition and only 10 of those will be created. However, the owners of the NFT with a US shipping address will get a free sony SRD which sells for $5,000 per unit. The NFT will be created on ThetaDrop which is the Theta NFT marketplace that released Katy Perry’s first NFT collection as well as other collections like the World Poker Tour, American Idol, and the PRice is Right. The NFT launch is intended to kickstart the integration of the SRD into more projects that are designed for the metaverse which is a more immersive version of the internet that people may use to work, play and to socialize in augmented and virtual environments. Immersive NFTs are a great way to show the potential of the new product of Sony as Nick Colsey, the VP of busienss at Sony added:

“Theta’s NFTs are just the latest way we can show our rapid adoption of metaverse-friendly technology.”

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This move marks a shift in Sony’s marketing of the SRD and since its launch in late 2020, the device was touted as an industry development tool for designers artists, and engineers. The tech experts noted that one of hte biggest hurdles facing the metaverse is the creation of devices that allow users to immerse themselves in the digital world without relying on expensive hardware. Some NFT companies tried to harness smartphone technology and solve this issue but devices like Sony’s SRD can actually be a part of hte solution and provide a bridge between the digital worlds and physical worlds.

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