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Toyota And Nissan Entered The Metaverse With Different Approaches

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Toyota and Nissan entered the Metaverse with different approaches and made their entry into the metaverse by creating a new virtual office and events for the community so let’s read more today in our latest cryptocurrency news today.

Tinkering with the Metaverse became a trend among major brands and companies and this time it caught the attention of the two biggest automakers globally Toyota and Nissan. Japanese automakers Nissan and Toyota announced their entry into the Metaverse for other virtual experiences for their users and organized digital events and built virtual customer service offices. According to the Japanese reprots, both companies seek to innovate in the Metaverse offering immersive exhibitions of the cars with the use of virtual reality and thanks to the partnership with the video game developer startup VRChat.


Nissan will focus on creating virtual reality rooms for the customers and Toyota will focus on remote working environments and created offices for the personnel where they can discuss technical developments with the use of their avatars. In another word, some of Toyota’s work meetings will not be physical but in the Metaverse, and according to a company representative, this new work area is opening up quite a lot of problems caused by the coronavirus:

“As more people are working from home because of the coronavirus, we are offering young employees and others communication options within the company.”

For now, Nissan and Toyota didn’t inform in which metaverse they will launch the new offices so people will have to wait and find out whether they will choose a centralized one like Meta or Decentralnad. Nissan and Toyota are not the first car brands to innovate in the new trend of the metaverse and other companies like Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen launched campaigns in April to promote their entities in the Metaverse and got prizes like the latest Ps5 and advanced driving lessons as one of the academies.

The marketing director of Volkswagen Passenger Vehicles said that the new universe offered by the metaverse made a huge impact on the consumer so they will likely continue to create new experiences for their users and fan base. Other carmakers like Ferrari for example also have to enter the MEtaverse but are already dabbling in creating the NFTs along with blockchain companies like Velas Network. This means that little by little most car companies are betting on the technology behind crypto.

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