Monday, February 6, 2023

Where Will They Legalize Sports Betting Next?

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This week’s gambling news focuses on the latest states to legalize sports betting in America. Plus, we look ahead to see which states may be next to regulate the activity!

Hello friends! J.Todd here, back after my one week sabbatical at the poker tables in Las Vegas! It was very therapeutic! And while I was gone, two more states regulated sports betting! And that is this week’s big story! Earlier this month Maine became the 34th state to pass sports betting legislation. Then about two weeks later Kansas regulated sports betting as the 35th state, which might have some of you out there wondering: I wonder which state will be next?

At this point there are only 15 states that have yet to legalize sports betting… These 15! And while there are some big names on this list, some states have more potential than others… and some states are utterly hopeless. I’m looking at you, Utah. First of all we, can eliminate, well, Utah. Then go ahead and take more states off the list where sports betting legislation is already dead for 2022. Next, eliminate Texas and Idaho, who don’t even seem to be considering sports betting right now. And finally, mark Alaska off the list. Legislators there could be pushing a sports betting bill forward but they just don’t seem that interested.

That leaves us with three possibilities to legalize sports betting this year… these three. And while everyone in Massachusetts wants sports betting to be regulated, no one in Massachusetts can agree on how sports betting should be regulated! Especially when it comes to all those tax dollars and what to do with them. So, I wouldn’t be expecting anything from Massachusetts anytime soon. Meanwhile, Minnesota damn near passed sports betting legislation this month! But the State House and Senate just couldn’t get their shit together. So, no Minnesota sports betting this year. Which means all of our hopes for another state regulating sports betting in 2022 rest with California. So, we’re screwed.

As we’ve discussed on this program before, California is not only potentially the largest gambling market in America, it is also the poster child for convoluted competing political agendas. With the tribes and the card rooms and the race tracks and even national sports betting operators all biting and clawing and pinching and scratching for their share of the marketplace! However, there will be at least two sports betting measures on the California ballot this November. But even if one or the other were to pass we’re still looking at months and months and months before any state residents could place legal sports bets! So, the next American state to legalize sports betting? I don’t know! I mean, your guess is as good as mine!

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