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Why CRO could outperform XRP in the short-term

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CRO sponsorship of the world cup likely to drive its price in 2022

Key Points:

  • With speculation rife that Ripple could win against the SEC, XRP prospects look good. 

  • CRO continues to increase in value as the network grows in adoption. 

  • While both XRP and CRO are good investments, CRO has better odds due to its sponsorship of the upcoming Football World Cup. 

Ripple XRP/USD has long held its position as a top 10 cryptocurrency. Despite having a lot of challenges regarding the lawsuit by the SEC against Ripple and its founders. With speculation high that the lawsuit could end soon, and in Ripple’s favor, optimism around XRP remains high. Now that the broader market is turning bullish again, a change in fortunes in the case against Ripple could see XRP emerge as a top-performing cryptocurrency in the short to medium term.

Besides the speculative aspect of it, XRP has a pretty strong use case in payments. It is already adopted by multiple banks in Asia and continues to grow as a fast, efficient, and low-cost method for sending money value globally. This use case pretty much cements XRP’s potential to gain in value.

On its part, Cronos CRO/USD is part of the network a blockchain payment system that makes it easy for people to trade crypto and use cryptocurrencies for payments without compromising privacy or security. Like XRP, Cronos (CRO), the native token of the network, has been growing in adoption, signaling to the underlying value of the network. As the market turns bullish again, CRO has what it takes to perform well.

Why CRO could outperform XRP

While CRO and XRP have growth potential, CRO is in a unique position in terms of short-term gains. This has all to do with the upcoming world cup in Qatar. Cronos will be among the official sponsors of the World Cup that will take place in November 2022. Given that the World Cup is watched by millions of people globally, this sponsorship’s publicity could trigger adoption at scale and, by extension, FOMO around the CRO token.


XRP and CRO are gaining in adoption in the fast-growing payments market. While both have high growth potential, CRO has better odds short term due to the upcoming World Cup in Qatar, where it is one of the official sponsors.


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