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“WouldIlieToYou” Wins Super MILLION$ Week Main Event For a Cool $1.17M

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Netherlands’ “WouldIlieToYou” is the latest GGPoker player to become a millionaire from the online poker site’s tournaments after they took down the $10,300 Super MILLION$ Week Main Event. The Dutch grinder outlasted 684 opponents and saw their GGPoker account balance increase by an incredible $1,179,576 after a thrilling final table.

Super MILLION$ Week Main Event Final Table

Place Player Country Prize
1 WouldIlieToYOU Netherlands $1,179,576
2 Andrii Novak Ukraine $909,577
3 spaise411 Russia $701,380
4 Patrick Leonard Hungary $540,838
5 Nick Maimone Canada $417,043
6 Simon Mattsson Norway $321,584
7 Chunlei Zhou Hong Kong $247,975
8 Aleks Shepel Armenia $191,215
9 Dejan Kaladjurdjevic Montenegro $147,446

Everyone expected Chunlei Zhou to be the first player to bust because they returned to the action with only 6.7 big blinds. However, they doubled up early on when their pocket fives held against Simon Mattsson‘s ace-queen.

Dejan Kaladjurdjevic sat down at the star-studded final table fifth in chips with a 44 big blind stack but he was the first player out of the door. Kaladjurdjevic min-raised from early position with pocket tens, and Andrii Novak three-bet to 950,000 in the cutoff with ace-king in the hole. Kaladjurdjvevic responded with an all-in four-bet worth 5,999,874, which Novak called. Novak flopped trip kings and the final table lost its first player.

Armenia’s Aleks Shepel busted in eighth place during the 100,000/200,000/25,000a level. Navak opened to 675,000 from the small blind, and Shepel defended his big blind with a 1,700,000 three-bet made with pocket jacks. Novak pushed all-in, and Shepel called off his 5,592,812 stack. The door card was an ace and it was enough to eject Shepel from the Super MILLION$ Week Main Event.

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Start-of-the-day short stack Zhou bowed out in seventh and walked away with $247,975, much more substantial than the $147,446 everyone thought the Hong Kong-based player would win. Zhou’s exit was confirmed during the 125,000/250,000/30,000a level when he open-shoved from under the gun for 1,456,469 and Mattsson looked him up with ace-seven of spades from the big blind. A seven on the turn and an ace on the river sent Zhou to the showers.

Mattsson was the next casualty despite bolstering his stack with Zhou’s chips. Mattsson opened to 630,000 with the big blind costing 300,000, doing so from under the gun with ace-ten of spades. Novak again found ace-king on the button and put in a raise of his own to 1,574,500. Mattsson did not believe Novak’s story and he wasted little time in jamming for 7,493,873, which Novak called. Neither player improved but Novak did not need to. Mattsson busted in sixth place while Novak soared into the chip lead by some distance.

Nick Maimone
Nick Maimone busted at the hands of the eventual champion

Fifth-place and $417,043 went to Nick Maimone, who was one of the pre-final table favourites for glory. Maimone never really managed to get out of second gear at the final table, a mixture of being card dead and not finding himself in the right spots to get his chips in. Maimone crashed out during the 200,000/400,000/50,000a level. WouldIlieToYou open-shoved for 17.5 big blinds effective from the cutoff with king-jack. That shove folded out Patrick Leonard and “spaise411” but Maimone called off his 4,435,102 stack from the big blind with pocket jacks. The hot-running WouldIlieToYou spiked an ace on the flop to send Maimone to the sidelines.

Leonard was the next player relieved of his chips after losing a coinflip against WouldIlieToYou. The latter min-raised to 1,000,000 with pocket fours, Leonard three-bet to 3,400,000 with ace-ten, leaving himself 2.5 big blinds behind. WouldIlieToYou set Leonard all-in, and the British star called. WouldIlieToYou flopped a set, and Leonard made his way to the exits.

A huge pot during the 300,000/600,000/75,000a level all but gifted WouldIlieToYou the title. The hand started with a min-raised to 1,200,000 raise from WouldIlieToYou, a three-bet to 4,425,000 from spaise411, and a call from the initial raiser. The flop fell eight-trey-ten, and spaise411 led for 4,837,500 into the 9,675,000 pot. WouldIlieToYou called, which saw the pot swell to 19,350,000 with both players having around a pot-sized bet in their stacks. spaise411 jammed all-in on the nine turn for 15,439,900 and WouldIlieToYou snap-called, covering their opponent by only 2.5 big binds. spaise411 had a legitimate hand in king-ten but WouldIlieToYou held pocket eights which was now a set.

That monster-sized pot gave WouldIlieToYou a huge 51,601,166 to 16,898,834 lead over Novak. The colossal gap proved too much for Novak to bridge. Novak did managed to claw his way back into contention, but a cooler hand resigned him to a runner-up finish.

WouldIlieToYou min-raised to 1,400,000 with ace-king of hearts, Novak woke up with pocket queens and made it 4,675,000 to go. WouldIlieToYou four-bet all-in, and Novak called all-in for 26,929,568. Novak’s queen remained true on the eight-four-jack flop, and the seven turn. The river had to be a non-diamond ace or king for Novak to win the hand, which it was was the king of spades completed the board.

Novak busted in second place, a finish worth $909,577, leaving WouldIlieToYou to collect the $1,179,576 top prize and the title of Super MILLION$ Week Main Event champion.


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